Medical supplies for Cuba

Dear CBI community,

As you may remember, members of the CBI community are joining together with members of Temple Beth El of City Island and with the Cuba America Jewish Mission for a trip to Jewish Cuba this fall. One of the tzedakah (justice-fueled giving) components of the trip is that we will each fly with a carry-on bag of medical supplies to donate to the Cuban Jewish community. I’m writing today to invite you to donate medical supplies for our group to take with us to Cuba.

Items that we take for granted here in the States — e.g. aspirin, analgesic cream for arthritis, Excedrin, vitamins for adults and children, ibuprofen, asthma inhalers, dental supplies, etc — are difficult or impossible to find in Cuba. By providing these things to the Jewish community in Cuba, we share some of our American prosperity with our cousins in need.

There is a collection box for medical supplies in the foyer at CBI. During the Days of Awe, please bring medical supplies with you to donate.

Please make sure that donated supplies are not expired — a single expired bottle will cause the Cuban authorities to throw out the whole bag of supplies. If you are going to a pharmacy or to a store that sells pharmacy supplies, please buy a few items if you are able. (Please avoid liquids, as those will cause a problem with TSA when we fly.) There’s a complete list online here of the kinds of supplies we’ve been asked to try to bring.

Thank you for helping us support Jewish community in Cuba!

Blessings to all,

Rabbi Rachel

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