A message from Rabbi Pam Wax: “The God Survey,” and this week’s Torah study

If you read the recent issue of Reform Judaism Magazine, you may have seen an article about God beliefs written by my colleague Rabbi Mark Dov Shapiro in Springfield, MA. You can also access the article here: http://reformjudaismmag.org/Articles/index.cfm?id=3036
Following that article is a short and fascinating survey called “The God Survey a survey of the personal God beliefs of Reform Jews,” the results of which will be reported on in a future issue.  Thus far, over 1000 people have taken the survey. If you haven’t yet filled out the survey and would like to be part of the official results, the RJ magazine staff asks that you please take a couple of minutes to complete it.  To take the survey, go to https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/thegodsurvey  It’s fascinating, and will really make you think — I was surprised by some of my own answers, and hope that we can use some of our time during Torah study on Saturday, July 7 to discuss it further.

Additionally, Torah study that day will include a discussion about angels and particularly the angel of death in Jewish tradition. This will include the showing of a short and fascinating “Mockumentary” about the Angel of Death that will provide a lot of food for thought. If you can’t make it for the Shabbat service, feel free just to come for Torah study at approximately 11:15 AM on Saturday, July 7.

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