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Avodah: V’Ahavta

Dear Avodah families! We had a ton of fun this morning learning about how houses are built in Chelm (thanks, Jane), learning the story of how the Israelites built the mishkan (portable Tabernacle / house for God) in the desert, and then making our own mishkan and drape out of legos and painted cloth.

The song for the month this month is a setting of the V’Ahavta in English. The mp3 is enclosed below; enjoy!


Avodah: Ahavah Rabbah mp3

This coming weekend the Avodah program will meet once again. We’ll be learning a new melody for the Ahavah Rabbah prayer (the blessing which speaks of God’s love for us, which comes after Yotzer Or and before the Shema.)

This melody was written by my teacher Hanna Tiferet, and it is a round. Here’s a recording of me singing the melody (apologies for my slightly hoarse voice — I’m still recovering from the cold I caught from my toddler last week.)


If you want to hear Hanna herself singing the melody (as a round, the way it was intended), you can find it on Amazon, where the single song costs 99 cents: Ahavah Rabbah on Amazon.

Avodah: Modah Ani mp3

The prayer we learned at Avodah this month is “Modeh / Modah Ani,” the morning prayer for gratitude.

Modah Ani – by Jeff Klepper

The words are “Modah/Modeh ani l’fanecha, melech chai v’kayam, shehechezarta bi nishmati b’chemla, rabah emunatecha” — “I am grateful before You, living and enduring God; You have restored my soul to me; great is Your faithfulness!”

This melody is by Cantor Jeff Klepper; we’ll sing it at our Avodah service next week, and will sing it in the mini-service we do during our Avodah program each month. Enjoy!

Avodah: Yotzer Or mp3

Here’s the song the Avodah kids learned this week during our Sunday morning Avodah program. ┬áSince we studied the Torah story of creation, we learned a one-line version of the blessing for God Who creates light; we’ll sing this round next Shabbat at our Avodah service. You can download it, or listen to it online, right here:

Yotzer Or