Shavua tov! Looking forward to Shabbat Ki Tetzei

Shavua tov — a good new week to you!

Shabbat and Torah info:

Join us for Shabbat services at 9:30am on Saturday morning, led by Rabbi Pam Wax. This week we’re reading from parashat Ki Tetzei. If you’d like to read some commentaries on this week’s parsha, here are a few:

This week’s post at Builders Blog comes from R’ Ben Newman and Steve Silbert: Every Building Needs a Fence.

And here are commentaries from the URJ:

High Holiday info:

The Days of Awe are on their way! If you’d like to listen to some of the music we’ll be singing and sharing during the High Holidays, click through to Music for the Days of Awe 5780 / 2019. Stay tuned for a post dedicated to this year’s musical theme for the holidays, coming to you later this week.

Now that it’s Elul (the month leading up to Rosh Hashanah), we’ll begin adding Psalm 27 to our Shabbat davenen. Our congregational melodies for Psalm 27 include Israel Katz’s “Achat Sha’alti,” Nava Tehila’s “Lach Amar Libi,” and R’ David Markus’ “Lulei He’emanti.”

We hope to see you soon at CBI!

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