Shavua tov – hope to see you at seder – and please RSVP for Shabbat morning!

Rabbi Pam Wax will be leading the Shabbat Passover service on Saturday morning. She would like to invite a striking Shop and Shop employee to speak, in order to highlight issues of oppression and workers’ rights that are relevant to the Passover story. In order not to bring someone off the picket line (if the strike is still on) unnecessarily, she would like a headcount! Please RSVP by Friday morning to


Shavua tov! Please join us on Saturday at 9:30am for Shabbat morning services led by Rabbi Pam Wax, and please RSVP (see above.)

We also hope you’ll join us for our Second Night Community Seder on Saturday night and we hope you’ve already RSVP’d — if not, please RSVP this morning. 

This week at Builders Blog (a project of Bayit: Your Jewish Home), there’s a post by Rabbi Rachel about bedikat chametz, the ritual of removing leaven from our homes — including a meditation you can do whether or not you’re searching for literal breadcrusts on Thursday evening: Bedikat Chametz: Readying to Build Anew.

Hope to see you soon at CBI!


Rabbi Rachel

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