Interfaith Teen Gathering – Responses Requested

Dear CBI members and friends,

There are plans in the works for a Northern Berkshire Interfaith Youth Group for teens in 9th through 12th grades. This initiative arose in our local Christian community, and they reached out to us to affirm that they want to make the youth group comfortable, welcoming, and appropriate for Jewish teens as well as Christian ones. Here’s the description:

“A gathering of teens of faith who want to support and encourage one another while exploring life’s questions and discerning what actions we’re being called to take. We will provide a fun, engaging, open and affirming space and see where the discussion leads!”

As of now, this project involves leadership from All Saints’ Episcopal North Adams, Congregation Beth Israel North Adams, First Congregational Church Williamstown, our local Muslim community, New Hope Methodist Church North Adams, Second Congregational Church Williamstown, and St. John’s Episcopal Williamstown.

The intention is to begin to provide high schoolers with regular opportunities to gather 1x per month. And the hope is that this will primarily function as a teen-guided Interfaith group, with adults supporting by managing logistics and food and so on. In other words: the teens themselves will set the agenda and determine what they want the group to be and to do.

College students from the Jewish and Muslim communities at Williams are excited about serving as facilitators and mentors to our teenagers.

The group is considering meeting on Friday nights (with pizza), Saturday early afternoons (with snacks), Saturday later afternoons (with pizza), or Saturday nights (with pizza).  If you have a teenager in your household who is between ninth and twelfth grades, we’d love to know a) whether your kid is interested in taking part in something like this and b) if so, which of the possible meeting times would be best. Let me know?

Blessings to all,

Rabbi Rachel


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