Sukkot is here!

Dear CBI members and friends,

Sukkot has begun! Hooray!

Our sukkah is your sukkah: come dine, schmooze, relax, stargaze, drink coffee, drink wine, even sleep there if you want!

Join us on Friday night at 5:30 for our annual Shabbat Sukkot Potluck — bring a vegetarian / dairy dish to share.

Families with children are welcome to arrive at 5 for some Sukkot learning and storytelling and also communal soup-making — bring a vegetable to add to our Sukkah Soup which we will cook on the spot. (Here’s a flyer for more information on that.)

Please RSVP to and/or at the Facebook Event for our Shabbat Sukkot Potluck so we know how many chairs to set up.

Moadim l’simcha — a joyous Sukkot to all!

Rabbi Rachel

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