Shavua tov! Looking forward to Shabbat Shemini 2!

Shavua tov — a good new week to you.

Join us on Shabbat morning at 9:30am for Shabbat services led by Rabbi Lori Shaller. This week we’re reading the second part of parashat Shemini.

If you’d like to read some commentaries on this week’s Torah portion, here are a few:

(Those are the same links I sent out last week, because following Reform custom, we’re splitting Shemini into two weeks — this is because we observe 7 days of Pesach rather than 8, so we need to stretch this parasha for two Shabbatot in order to stay in synch with our Conservative and Orthodox cousins.)

And here are commentaries from the URJ:

This is the second week of the Omer, the week of gevurah (boundaries and strength.) Here are 49 poems for the Omer. The 49 days of the Omer count lead us from second seder to Shavuot. During these seven weeks, we prepare ourselves to receive Torah anew. I hope you’ll join us at our Hudson Valley Shavuot Retreat on May 18-20 at the end of the Omer count — read all about it and register now!

Blessings to all —

Rabbi Rachel

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