Join us this week for Kabbalat Shabbat at CBI!

Kabalat-ShabbatJoin us this Friday evening at 6pm for Kabbalat Shabbat — the service of joyful songs, psalms, and prayers with which we “receive the face of Shabbat” and welcome the Shabbat Bride into our midst. Put a seal on the week and relax into the joy of Shabbat!

To whet your appetite, here are a couple of the melodies we will use this Friday night:

Shalom Aleichem, the song which welcomes the angels of Shabbat:

(Melody: Shneyer; Recording: Jeff Klepper.)

Yedid Nefesh, the medieval love song to God (this recording is Hebrew only; we will sing some in English, too):

(Melody: Traditional; Recording: Danny Maseng)

Here is an online folder which contains these mp3s (and a couple of others as well)- you are welcome to listen to them online or to save them to your own computer. And, of course, please support the artists by buying their music.

We hope to see you this Friday night at CBI!

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