Shavua tov! Looking forward to Shabbat Pesach!

Shavua tov – a  good week to you! This is the week which culminates in Pesach. There will be no Shabbat / Festival morning services at CBI this coming Saturday morning, but we hope you’ve already RSVP’d to join us at our Second Night Community Seder on Saturday night.

If you’re looking for Pesach resources, here are a few:


  • The Velveteen Rabbi’s Haggadah for Pesach – free, downloadable, print and bind it yourself! Interweaves traditional text with contemporary poetry and meditations on liberation.
  • Prayer for Dew. On Pesach morning we recite a special prayer for dew; and from now on until the end of the fall holiday season, our daily amidah prayer features a request for God to bring the dew, rather than a request for rains and snow.
  • Matzah; open space; constriction. “To those caught in a constriction which will not let go, I offer this prayer: that this Pesach may offer you an expansive breath through that tiny open space which turns hametz into matzah…”

May this week leading up to Pesach be meaningful and sweet for all of us!

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