Flourishing Project, Mitzvah 2: Havdalah

Dear Congregation Beth Israel members and friends,

Some of you have been joining me in a mitzvah experiment this month — trying to remember to bless the food that we eat every day. We are doing this as part of a nationwide project called The Flourishing Project. The Flourishing Project’s goal is to explore a simple question: How do mitzvot function, if at all, to help us live more flourishing lives?

The lunar month is drawing to its close — Adar II will end this Friday. These are the last few days of our month of assessing the impact of blessing regularly before eating.  Once Adar II is over, the Flourishing Project will circulate a survey asking you to reflect on your experiences.

During Nissan (April 9th – May 8th), the next mitzvah we will be testing is Havdalah.  (Here’s a short post I wrote a few years ago explaining what havdalah is, how it works, and why I love it. At the bottom of that post there are links to other havdalah resources, including the text of the blessings and recordings of the blessings being sung.)

If you’re interested in participating in this havdalah experiment, before Nissan begins, we ask that you complete this very short survey (1-2 minutes) about Havdalah.  We encourage you to invite members of your community to participate.  Please pass along the survey to anyone who is interested in partaking.

Wishing you blessings, now and always —

Rabbi Rachel


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