New dates: class on death, mourning, and transformation

Dear CBI members and friends,

I have heard from several of those who wanted to take my upcoming class on Jewish teachings about death and mourning that the dates don’t work for y’all, so I am moving the class further into the summer season. The new dates are: June 5, June 26, and July 24. Here’s the description of the class:

Death, mourning, and transformation

This three-session class, taught by Rabbi Rachel, will explore Jewish ideas, teachings, and rituals around death and mourning. We’ll explore texts both ancient and modern which will offer us different Jewish ideas about death and afterlife, taharah and burial, and kaddish and mourning customs. The class will meet at 10am on Sundays June 5, June 26, and July 24

Price: $18 for CBI members, $36 for non-members. Register by emailing rabbibarenblat at gmail dot com.

I look forward to learning with y’all!


Rabbi Rachel


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