SAVE THE DATE: Celebrate Shavuot at Isabella Freedman, June 10-13

Shavuot is the time when the community gathers around the mountain, and makes pilgrimage to a holy place, for the ultimate transformative experience.   

—Rabbi Zalman Schachter-Shalomi ז”ל


Shavuot on Retreat. Shavuot is one of the shalosh regalim, the three great pilgrimage festivals of antiquity. What better time to make our own pilgrimage: to the Isabella Freedman Center, a Jewish retreat center just down route 7 in Falls Village, Connecticut, for a three-day Shavuot retreat?

(This year there will be no late-night Torah study at Williams, because of the college’s reunion schedule, so it’s a good year for us to try something new.)

Over June 12-14 weekend, join Rabbi Rachel and clergy and congregants from ALEPH Network communities across the Northeast (including Rabbi David Evan Markus and a group from Temple Beth El of City Island, and Rabba Kaya Stern Kaufman and a group from Rimon of the Berkshires), for a Shavuot celebration like no other.

We’ll delight in top-notch music, prayer, learning, dance, meditation, yoga, organic food, and Renewal spirituality. There are special discounts for CBI members (because we are an ALEPH Network community), and generous need-based financial aid is available. Register at

The Shavuot retreat at Isabella Freedman is amazing. (If you want to hear about it, just ask Rabbi Rachel or our member Steven Green, both of whom have attended in years past.) There will be opportunities for learning during the day as well as all night long (for those who are so inclined) on Shavuot. The davening (prayer) is amazing—there will be musicians, instruments, drummers, and many amazing leaders bringing their talents and energy to the experience. There’s a terrific kids’ program too!

Highlights will include:

• Kosher and eco-friendly farm-to-table feasts
• Parade for First-Fruits/Bikkurim with the Adamah farm and the goats
• Camp Teva for Kids: Jewish Outdoor, Food, and Environmental Fun!
• All-night vigil with chanting, meditation, text study and more
• Daybreak outdoor musical Torah service
• Enjoy the beauty of spring at Isabella Freedman
• Midnight hike to the top of the mountain
• Kosher artisanal cheese tasting and cheesemaking workshop
• Daily meditation and Torah Yoga
• Beautiful havdalah and closing ceremony Monday night

This will be a truly transformative Shavuot experience which none of our members will ever forget! Please save the dates (June 10-13) and plan to join us. Register at


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