Seeking a cameraperson…perhaps you?

Dear Congregation Beth Israel members and friends,

Last year we experimented with livestreaming our high holiday services so that those who were homebound or far away could watch the services from where they were.

I’d like to livestream at least some of this year’s services as well. In order to do that, I need:

– someone who’s willing to be our “cameraperson”

– with a tablet or smartphone which can run the livestream app

I would ask our cameraperson to arrive in time for the service, to record the service on their device (keeping an eye on it to make sure it doesn’t stop recording for any reason), and then to upload the service to livestream when the service has ended.

Perhaps one of our congregational teenagers would be a good fit for this? Or a congregational adult who wouldn’t mind being slightly distracted, during services, by the need to keep an eye on the livestream app.

It would be great to record and livestream our first night Rosh Hashanah services on Sunday and first morning Rosh Hashanah services on Monday, as well as Kol Nidre on Tuesday 9/22 and Yom Kippur morning on Weds 9/23.

If you (or your teenager) would be willing to do this for us, please let me know as soon as possible?

Wishing all of y’all blessings as the end of the year approaches —

Rabbi Rachel

One comment

  1. Dear Rabbi Rachel,

    Just to say thank you for this, for thinking of this, whether or not it actually happens(though I hope and pray it does)…..just knowing that this is something being thought of is absolutely wonderful, and helps me feel ‘part of’, and included, and, well, just really good.

    Last years was wonderful.

    Thank you for everything, and a sweet new year to you and yours

    Alex, the wee home bound agoraphobic Jew on the east coast of Scotland

    Sent from my iPad


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