Shavua tov! Looking forward to Shabbat Ki Tavo and to Selichot

Shavua tov – a  good week to you! This week we’re reading parashat Ki Tavo from the book of Dvarim (Deuteronomy.)return-to-shabbat

If you’d like to read some commentaries on this week’s Torah portion, some links follow:

And here’s the URJ’s compilation of commentaries on this week’s Torah portion: Ki Tavo | URJ.

This coming Shabbat morning, services will be led by Rabbi Rachel. Rabbi Rachel will also lead our Selichot (“Pardons”) service at 8pm on Saturday evening — a short and sweet service to kick off the high holiday season, Selichot will begin with havdalah, will feature song and poetry, and will also feature the opportunity to enter into a creative exercise designed to help us let go of the old year’s mistakes. (Selichot will be followed by a potluck dessert reception.)

During the month of Elul it’s customary to pray psalm 27 every day. We’ll be singing different excerpts from the psalm over the course of this month and the Days of Awe — the song “Achat Sha’alti,” which we’ve sung here for many years at this season, and also the verse “Lach Amar Libi” to a melody from Nava Tehila, the Jewish Renewal congregation of Jerusalem.

Here’s an embedded mp3 of that melody so you can listen to it at home:

And here’s sheet music, for those who find sheet music useful: Psalm 27,Lakh Amar Libi notes [pdf] The words translate to “You [God] called to my heart, ‘come seek My face, come seek My grace;’ For Your love, Source of all, I will seek!” (That singable English translation is courtesy of Rabbi David Markus.)

Many thanks to our shamashim, the members who host our Shabbat services each week. If you would like to join that group, please contact Pattie Lipman.

We hope to see you soon at CBI!

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