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Shavua tov; looking forward to Shabbat Matot-Masei!

Shavua tov – a  good week to you!

This week we’re reading the Torah portion known as Matot-Masei in the book of Bamidbar (“In the Wilderness,” a.k.a. Numbers.) return-to-shabbat

If you’d like to read some commentaries on this week’s Torah portion, some links follow:

And here’s the URJ’s compilation of commentaries on this week’s Torah portion:  Matot and Masei, URJ.

This coming Shabbat morning, services will be led by Rabbi Pam Wax.

Many thanks to our shamashim, the members who host our Shabbat services each week. If you would like to join that group, please contact Pattie Lipman.

We hope to see you soon at CBI!