Shabbat Morning at Williamstown Commons – we’re back on!

Dear Congregation Beth Israel community,

This Shabbat (February 21 / Shabbat Terumah) we will not hold services at CBI; instead we will hold an abbreviated service beginning at 9:30am at Williamstown Commons, the nursing and rehabilitation center at 25 Adams Road in Williamstown.

Gene Wein, one of our oldest members (and also one of the people who’s been a CBI member for the longest time), greatly misses coming to Shabbat services. Since he can’t leave Williamstown Commons, this weekend we’re bringing services to him.

Join us at 9:30 at Williamstown Commons (note the unusual location) for a short-and-sweet Shabbat service. We’ll sing as many traditional melodies as we can (hoping to give Gene some joy in hearing melodies he may remember), hear a brief d’var Torah, and close with a kiddush. We hope to see you there!

(We apologize for the mixed messages regarding this special Shabbat at the nursing home —  we have confirmed with the family and the service is on.)


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