The Cheshvan/Kislev 5775 (November/December 2014) Newsletter is Here!

NovDec2014In this issue you’ll find the From the Rabbi column, Service times, Shabbat and havdalah times, The UMASS Ride to Provide, Highlights from High Holiday Feedback, A note from Hazzan Randall, New in our library: Lilith and The Forward, Sometimes, silence speaks louder than words, Don’t miss our Chanukah party!, A glimpse of Ne’arim, Two Prayers for Thanksgiving (plus the traditional blessing for turkey), Thank You, Congregation Beth Israel!, Annual Meeting Coming Up, Take & Eat Receives Grant, Co-Presidents’ Column, Donations since the last newsletter, November and December birthdays and anniversaries, CBI Community School News, a poem for your enjoyment…
…and much more!

Those who are on our email list will receive a digital copy via e-mail shortly. Those who don’t have access to email, or who have specifically requested paper delivery, will receive a paper copy in the mail soon.

Meanwhile, all are welcome to download: NovDec2014 [pdf]


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