A prayer before Yom Kippur

Prayer Before Yom Kippur

I now prepare
to unify my whole self—


with this holy community
with the Jewish people everywhere
with all people everywhere
with all life and being
to commune with the Source of all being.

May I find the words,
the music, the movements
that will put me in touch
with the great light of God.

May the rungs of insight and joy
that I reach in my devotion
flow from me to others
and fill all my actions in the world.

May the beauty of God rest upon us.
May God establish the works of our hands.
And may the works of our hands establish God.

(Rabbi Burt Jacobson)

Yom Kippur begins tonight and will continue through tomorrow night. This year it once again coincides with Shabbat — the two holiest days of the year, layered atop each other.

May this doubly-holy day offer all of us opportunities for inner work and transformation.

I hope that you can forgive me for my imperfections this past year: the times when I failed to live up to expectations, or said the wrong thing, or chose the wrong melody, or wasn’t present in the way you needed me to be.

Please know that I am carrying no grudges as this holy day approaches. I forgive every hurt and slight, intentional and unintentional. I am grateful to be able to dive in to this special day with y’all.

May this Shabbat-and-Yom Kippur be meaningful, real, and sweet. G’mar chatimah tovah — may we all be sealed for good in the year to come.


Rabbi Rachel


One response to “A prayer before Yom Kippur

  1. Lovely. Thank you for sharing. May your Yom Kippur provide you with renewed spiritual energy. Please know that I gratefully receive, read, and often share (with attribution, of course!) your offerings.

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