Shavuot is Almost Here!

Dear Congregation Beth Israel community,

Shavuot is almost upon us! Tomorrow (Tuesday) night we’ll convene at 8pm at the Williams College Jewish Religious Center for a short-and-sweet festival evening service followed by an evening / night of amazing learning together with Congregation Beth El (Bennington) community and a few folks from Williams College. We have an amazing line-up of teachings on a wide variety of subjects — the list is enclosed, and I hope it will entice you to join us.

On Wednesday morning we’ll convene again at CBI at 10am for a festival morning service led by Rabbi Pam Wax, which will include Yizkor, our quarterly opportunity to connect with the memories of those whom we love who have died. There will also be cheesecake!

Jewish tradition holds that we were all present at Sinai when Torah was revealed — and that Torah continues to be revealed in our lives even now. May our Shavuot celebration open our hearts to the revelation we each most need.

I look forward to seeing y’all at Sinai!

Rabbi Rachel

Tikkun Leyl Shavuot 5774 / 2014:

  • Rabbi Pam Wax: “Sinai without Torah. Dayenu!?”
  • Chaim Bronstein: Distribution of land in Torah: is it relevant to today’s wealth disparity?
  • Anne Hartheimer: a short play based on a story by Agnon (“The Sign”) which takes place on Shavuot; we’ll read it aloud.
  • Professor Jason Josephson: Buddhism and “rules.”
  • Karen Kelly: a teaching from Pirkei Avot 6:6
  • Deliah Rosel: a poem and a L’Chaim Qigong practice on receiving Divine energy and inspiration
  • Cantor Bob Scherr: Zionism – Jewish Peoplehood Revealed
  • Jen Burt: The Afterlife in Judaism
  • Rabbi Jarah Greenfield: You’ll Eat Your Words, Prophet!
  • Rabbi Rachel Barenblat: poems of revelation – as interludes between other teachings



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