Three CBI schedule updates: meditation, poetry of prayer, newsletter

Dear friends,

Here are updates on three matters of CBI scheduling.

1) Meditation

The remainder of the secular year features a variety of scheduling complications, and our meditation minyan will not be meeting again until 2014.

Edited to say: Meditation will begin again on January 3 and will continue onward each week.

2) Poetry & Prayer – Location Change

Thanks to all who attended the first Poetry of Jewish Prayer class at Tunnel City Coffee last month! We found that the coffee shop is uncomfortably loud at that hour of the afternoon. This week’s class will meet at the synagogue, in the library. Tea will be provided. All are welcome.

3) Newsletter Update

The next newsletter, which will cover the months of January and February, will be sent out (digitally and on paper) in early January.

All items, updates, articles, simchas, notices, etc are due by Sunday, January 15. Please send them to rabbibarenblat at gmail by that date. Thank you!

Blessings to all.


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