A new (to us) song – More Love

Dear friends,

This summer at the ALEPH Kallah, I learned a Shaker hymn from my friend and colleague Rabbi David Ingber of Romemu. Here are the words:

More Love (Shaker Hymn)

When you love-not one another in daily communion,
how can you love God whom you have never seen? (2x)

More love (2x)
The heavens are calling
the angels are singing
O Zion, more love, more love.

I think this is a beautiful little piece of music, and I resonate deeply to its suggestion that if we do not strive to love one another, whom we do encounter in our daily lives, we can’t possibly find a way to loving God Whom we have never seen. (And, indeed, that perhaps the way to love God — whatever we understand those words to mean! — is through loving one another in daily community and connection.)

We’ll sing this during Shabbat morning services this coming Shabbat — October 19, Parashat Vayera. If you’d like to learn the melody before then, here’s a recording:

Wishing you every blessing,

Rabbi Rachel


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