The Fall 2013 Newsletter is Here!

Dear all,

The Fall 2013 CBI Newsletter is now available. It is available in two digital editions: the whole newsletter (which will be sent to you via email and will be available in the special password-protected newsletter page of our website — it includes information on congregational birthdays and anniversaries, as well as information on recent donations) and the “shorter” newsletter, which does not contain this potentially-sensitive information but still contains 12 pages of wonderful material about happenings at CBI, and which will be available here without password protection.

NewsletterCover(To see the “shorter” newsletter, click on this link: CBIFall2013Newsletter-Shorter [pdf] – the image which accompanies this post is just for illustration, not a download link!)
We will also print a small print run of the newsletter on paper, to be mailed via postal mail to those who either don’t have email, or have specifically requested a paper newsletter. We’ll also have some paper ones available at the synagogue, as always — hopefully later this week.



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