New Adult Learning Opportunity: Kaddish, Minyan, and Creating Community

A two-part class taught by Rabbi Rachel Barenblat and Rabbi Pam Wax
Thursday 10/24 at 7:30pm and Saturday 10/26 after services.

In this two-part class, we’ll learn about Jewish death/dying traditions, the history and practice of the mourner’s kaddish and why our tradition historically requires a minyan for that prayer, how to co-create community and the importance of “showing up,” and more!

On Thursday night (October 24) we will explore our community’s booklet Everlasting Life: A Guide to Jewish Death & Mourning Customs [pdf] and will learn about mourner’s kaddish and other prayers and practices relating to mourning. We’ll also learn a bit about shiva minyanim: what they are, how they work, why they matter.

On Saturday morning (October 26), after reading the Torah portion Chayyei Sarah (which includes the death and burial of the matriarch Sarah), we’ll learn some of the traditions which come out of that Torah portion, and we’ll explore some texts relating to cemeteries, mourning, and caring for each other. We’ll also honor our chevra kadisha and cemetery committees during that Shabbat morning service.

All are welcome; this class is free. Bring your questions about kaddish, minyan, death and dying! We look forward to exploring your questions, and some of our tradition’s answers, together.

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