Come Use Our Sukkah!

8041163674_b7c20913b6_nThe festival of Sukkot begins on Wednesday evening at sundown, and lasts for a week. Thanks to those who came out on Sunday to build it once again, there is a beautiful sukkah at CBI.

All CBI members and friends are invited to come and enjoy our sukkah during the week. Do you know the Spanish phrase mi casa es su casa, “My house is your house”? This week we might say: Mi sukkah es su sukkah — “My sukkah is your sukkah!”

Bring lunch and come here on your lunch break — bring dinner — come with a thermos of hot tea or a bottle of wine in the evening and gaze at the moon — or just come and relax in the sukkah anytime you’re free. The primary mitzvah of Sukkot is to rejoice in the sukkah. Come and rejoice in ours! It is here for you, all through the holiday.

Weather permitting, our Friday meditation group will convene in the sukkah this week instead of the sanctuary — and on Friday evening at 5:30, join us for a potluck vegetarian/dairy feast celebrating Shabbat and Sukkot, in the sukkah. And on Sunday, we’ll be part of a multi-sukkah traveling party: Sukkah Cycle Sunday. (If you’re not a cyclist, you can travel between sukkot in your car, never fear.)

In short: come and use our sukkah! It is here for you.


Rabbi Rachel

(Photo: our son in the CBI sukkah last year.)


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