A note from Rabbi Rachel as we approach Yom Kippur

As we approach Yom Kippur

Please_forgive_me_by_geekindisguise-d4rv291Dear Congregation Beth Israel members and friends,

This late afternoon / early evening we’ll enter into Yom Kippur and into Shabbat.

These aseret y’mei teshuvah (Ten Days of Re/Turning) have been chock-full of preparations in every realm: from the physical (setting up chairs and xeroxing handouts) to the emotional (the emotional rollercoaster of actually making teshuvah), the intellectual (putting finishing touches on those sermons!) to the spiritual and ineffable.

I wish I had the spaciousness to reach out to each one of you individually to ask your forgiveness for any ways in which I have missed the mark in our relationship in the last year. As it is, this note will have to do.

I know that I have missed the mark over the last year. If my words or deeds have caused you pain, I hope that you can forgive me.

Please know that I likewise extend forgiveness to you. If your words or deeds have wounded me, I affirm that I am doing my level best to forgive. Let us not carry relationship tangles from the old year into the new one.

May we all emerge on the far side of Yom Kippur feeling lightened and cleansed. Shabbat shalom and g’mar chatimah tovah — may you be sealed for good in the year to come.

In case you need them, two helpful links: the schedule for the Days of Awe at CBI, and an explanation for why some of us will wear white, avoid leather, and wear a tallit during the holiday.

See y’all tonight!


Rabbi Rachel

(This post was also shared, in slightly different form, on Velveteen Rabbi. Image source: geekindisguise on deviantart.)


One response to “A note from Rabbi Rachel as we approach Yom Kippur

  1. I just received Your scrumptious In every body mind heart way mailing. My Beyond words gratitude for the blessing of Your ever radiant Light that nourishes, supports and illumine a my path 💜

    I thought It important You are aware that moments after receiving it from You, it was sent to me by Rabbi Cheryl Weiner without acknowledgement to You. It made me sad. A whole other category of tears shed I need trust The Holy One will respond to. Amen and loving shalOoooooom ;-) Sent from my iPhone

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