August-Sept issue of the CBI NEWSletter is now available!

newsletter2The August-September issue of the CBI Newsletter is now out! Hopefully if you receive emails from CBI regularly, you have already received the newsletter via email.

(The image which accompanies this post is merely for illustration — clicking on it will not take you to the newsletter. If you didn’t receive the newsletter via email, you can read it on the CBI website — scroll down for information about that.)

You will also receive one in your postal mail this time around, but we will soon be transitioning into a digital-only model for all who are email-enabled.  Those who wish to continue receiving the newsletter by postal mail, please let the office know.

The newsletter is also accessible at the CBI website, via a members-only password that is available from the CBI office. (If you don’t have that password, feel free to call the office on Monday morning when Jack is there, and he will tell you what the password is.)

Shavua tov / a good week to all, and thanks to Chris for her hard work making our newsletter beautiful!


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