Congregation Beth Israel NEWSletter!

Dear Congregation Beth Israel members and friends,

It is with great delight that I share with you this newest edition of our NEWSletter, now edited by Chris Kelly-Whitney. You may download it as a pdf file here:


CBI-Newsletter-JuneJuly2013 [pdf]

and it will also be available on the Newsletter page of the CBI website.

In this edition of the NEWSletter, you’ll find: a From the Rabbi column, a schedule of service times and service leaders, thank-yous and get well wishes, updates from the Cemetery Committee and Chesed (Caring) Committee, Lunch Bunch dates, volunteer opportunities, mazal tovs / congratulations to our members who have happy news, condolences to those who have suffered losses, information about our Bagels & Films series this summer, an ongoing column called Avodat b’Simchah / Serving With Joy, information on Operation Paperback and on our book discussion group, and more!

A paper copy of the newsletter will be on its way to you as soon as we can get the mailing prepared & out the door. The deadline for the next issue of the newsletter is July 10; that issue will cover August and September of this year, and will come out in late July.

Beginning with the October/November newsletter, we hope to move to a distribution model where the newsletter is shared digitally as a PDF (via email and on our website) and we only mail out paper copies to those who don’t have computer access or who specifically request “hard copy” instead of digital. (I know that we announced this shift a year ago and never moved forward with it; this summer it’s finally going to happen.)

Over the summer, please let the office know if you would like to continue receiving the newsletter on paper. We’re making this shift primarily for environmental reasons; please consider the environment as you choose whether or not to remain on our “hard copy” newsletter list.

Enjoy the newsletter. May your Shabbat be sweet and full of life!


Rabbi Rachel


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