Shavuot reminders

Dear Congregation Beth Israel members and friends,

I’m writing to remind you that Shavuot is coming soon!

Once again this year, the Congregation Beth Israel community, the Congregation Beth-El community, and the Williams College community will celebrate Shavuot together at the Williams College Jewish Religious Center on Tuesday, May 14. We’ll begin at 8:30pm with a short-and-sweet festival ma’ariv (evening) service, and then we’ll segue into an evening of studying and noshing. (There is always cheesecake!)

If you would like to offer a shiur / teaching, contact Rabbi Rachel Barenblat at Any topic which relates to Torah is appropriate, and you can teach for 15 minutes, half an hour, or longer, whatever is right for you. Join us for this evening of joy, celebration, and the opportunity to receive whatever Torah we most need revealed to us this year.

Also please join us on Shavuot morning, Wednesday May 15, for a festival service with Yizkor (the memorial service where we remember our beloveds who have died) led by Rabbi Pam Wax from 10-11:30. As it is customary to enjoy dairy on Shavuot, there will be chocolate cheesecake from S and S bakery in Riverdale — the best! (For more meditations on the meaning and beauty of Yizkor, here’s a post from Rabbi Pam from last fall.)

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