Announcing a new book by Reb Rachel

Dear CBI members and friends,

I’m delighted to be writing today to announce the publication of Waiting to Unfold, my new collection of poems about motherhood.


About the collection, poet Merle Feld — who visited CBI last year — writes,

In these remarkable poems Rachel Barenblat traverses the world of first-time parenthood with insight, generosity, rare courage. She shares first innocent awe, then unexpected darkness as a winter of the soul claims squatter’s rights in the nursery, and finally, aching, yearning, growing toward hope, a relearning of holy presence in small things. New parents will be astonished that someone has found words for their deepest secrets, parents long past these early months will gratefully nod: yes, I remember, this is true.

And poet Rodger Kamenetz writes:

The intense observation of the poet and the intense observation of the mother unite in a celebration of what is new and newborn, what is intensely felt and cherished and what is lost and mourned. Rachel Barenblat’s poems are easy to enter into, and they carry both the uniqueness of her persona as poet and serious Jew and the universality of love that has made us all. There’s a subversive wit here too,—a changing table that’s also a throne of glory, or the baby chewing on his mother’s tefillin—that speaks to a newly emerging sensibility about what is reverent and what is holy. It’s in the everyday as our best American poets have taught us, and as Rachel Barenblat teaches us in a new way too.

You can learn more about the collection at the publisher’s website; if you’re so inclined, you can purchase a copy there, or on Amazon.

I’ll be giving a reading from the new collection at 4pm on Sunday June 9 at CBI, and books will be available for purchase then too. Stay tuned for more information about that.

Thank you for joining me in celebrating this milestone!

Blessings to all,

Reb Rachel

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