Bennington, North Adams & Williamstown Join Together for Shavuot Celebration!

Now that we’re counting the Omer (the days between Pesach & Shavuot), it’s time to start preparing for Shavuot, which is only six short weeks away!

Once again this year, the Congregation Beth Israel community, the Congregation Beth-El community, and the Williams College community will celebrate Shavuot together at the Williams College Jewish Religious Center on Tuesday, May 14. We’ll begin at 8:30pm with a short-and-sweet festival ma’ariv (evening) service, and then we’ll segue into an evening of studying and noshing. (There is always cheesecake!)


It’s traditional to study Torah all night on Shavuot, so that we don’t replicate the behavior of our ancestors at Sinai (who, midrash tells us, slept in and almost missed the revelation.) But there’s no need to commit to staying all night — come for whatever amount of time you can.


If you would like to offer a shiur / teaching, contact Rabbi Rachel Barenblat at Any topic which relates to Torah is appropriate, and you can teach for 15 minutes, half an hour, or longer, whatever is right for you.Join us for this evening of joy, celebration, and the opportunity to receive whatever Torah we most need revealed to us this year.


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