Chevra kadisha resources

Many smalltown communities do not have a chevra kadisha, a “holy society” of members who lovingly wash, bless, and prepare for burial the bodies of those who have died. Here at CBI we are blessed to have volunteers who do this holy work. Our chevra kadisha was founded in 1895, and you can read more about it on the chevra kadisha page at our website.

This post contains a few resources for our chevra kadisha. We’re sharing them here both for our own use, and in case they might be useful to others.

  • TaharaPrayers [pdf] – a blessing to recite before beginning the process; also a prayer for the dead (“Ribbono Shel Olam / Source of all Being, be compassionate with…”)
  • Tahara-Instructions [pdf] – a simple one-page sheet which lists the steps of the taharah process as we practice it here
  • And here is a drawing which shows how to tie the special ש–shaped knots (below the extended-entry cut.)

May all who do this work be blessed; may all who grieve be comforted.

knot diagram

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