Ne’arim Podcast Episode 2: The Scroll of Esther


Episode Two: Teen Takes on The Book of Esther
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or, download the file: NearimPodcast-Esther (mp3)

Just in time for Purim (which will begin this coming Saturday at sundown), here’s the second episode of our Ne’arim podcast, in which our 5th through 7th graders offer their own unique take on the Megillat Esther in advance of Purim.

Act 1: The students retell the basic story of the megillah in their own words. (Well, at least that was the plan.)

Act 2: A news broadcast featuring interviews with the characters from the megillah.

Act 3: Given the opportunity to respond creatively to the story, some of the class opts to set Esther in a contemporary junior high school, while the others retell Esther using figures and iconography from the video game Minecraft. Also, there’s a bit of discussion about casting Harry Potter characters as Esther characters.

And Act 4: a bit of closing discussion about Esther and what we’ve learned. The podcast wraps up with a few closing words and a couple of bloopers.

Happy Purim, and enjoy!

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