Shabbat with special guest Reb David Markus

DavidThis Shabbat: join Reb Rachel and special visitor Reb David Markus, associate spiritual leader of Temple Beth El of City Island in New York, for Shabbat morning services.

Expect music (both guitar and piano!), harmony, terrific Torah teachings, and an infusion of the sweet, prayerful energy which both Reb David and Reb Rachel soaked up at OHALAH, the annual conference of Jewish Renewal clergy, which took place this week.

During this week we’re reading Parashat Bo, which contains the following verse:

וַאֲנַחְנוּ לֹא-נֵדַע, מַה-נַּעֲבֹד אֶת-יְה עַד-בֹּאֵנוּ שָׁמָּה

Va-anachnu lo neda mah na’avod et Adonai ad bo’einu shamah.

(Exodus 10:26: We shall not know with what we are to worship Adonai until we arrive there.)

We’ll sing that line to a melody written by Rabbi Simcha Zevit, one of Reb Rachel’s classmates. This is our Song for the Month of Shvat, and you can listen to a recording (sung by Hazzan Shoshanna Brown) here:

or download it from

We look forward to seeing you on Shabbat!

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