Happy (Gregorian) New Year!

Dear Congregation Beth Israel community,

The end of the Gregorian year is almost upon us. This week brings us the last Shabbat of 2012. Although we mark sacred time using the Jewish calendar rather than the Gregorian one, the turn of the Gregorian year offers us an opportunity for reflection just as the turn of the Jewish year does.

Sometimes in our Friday morning meditation minyan I lead us through remembering each of the days in the week which is about to end. Sunday: what did Sunday bring to you? Monday: what were its challenges, what were its gifts? Tuesday? Wednesday? And so on, until we reach the present moment, Shabbat about to arise. The same exercise can be done as a reflection on a whole year.

Think back on 2012: where were you, a year ago? What do you remember of January — what were its challenges, and what were its blessings? What sticks with you from February of this year? From March? April, May, June? July, August, September? October? November? This month of December which now draws to its close?

I hope that CBI figures in some of your sweet memories of the year now ending. And I hope that when you recall the challenges and stresses of 2012, you also have memories of how the CBI community helped you through.

Please join me in setting the intention of making 2013 a wonderful year for our congregational community. May we each be blessed with connections and with a sense of community. May we be here for one another in our joys and in our sorrows. May we pray together, learn together, dine together, say kaddish together, laugh together, make blessings together.

I wish all of y’all a sweet final Shabbat of 2012 as we approach the new Gregorian / secular year! May 2013 be a year of blessing, good health, and joy for all.


Reb Rachel



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