Song for the Month of Tevet

The new lunar month of Tevet begins on Friday, so here’s a new Song for the Month of Tevet, which we’ll sing at Shabbat services this week.

This is a melody by Rabbi Hanna Tiferet, and it’s the title track on her beautiful cd of chants and melodies called Awaken, Arise. Here are the words:

Awaken, Arise

Awaken, arise to the wholeness of your being!
Awaken, arise to the beauty of your soul!

Hitor’ri, hitor’ri, ki va orech
Kumi, ori.

(Text from Isaiah 51:17 and 60:1; the Hebrew translates to “Wake up, wake up, for your light is coming. Arise my light!”)

I thought it would be a nice prayer to have in our heads and our hearts (and on our lips!) as we approach the winter solstice and begin the slowly brightening days which will follow.

You can listen to it by clicking on the little triangle button:

Or, if you can’t see the embedded audio player, you can download the mp3: AwakenArise

Blessings of light to all as we move through Chanukah,

Reb Rachel

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