High Holiday Schedule 2012 / 5773

Dear members and friends of CBI,

Here’s our (slightly revised) High Holiday schedule. One item has changed from the version we recently mailed out (we will not be offering mussar study with R’ Pam Wax on Yom Kippur as previously-announced — Rabbi Pam will offer mussar at another date) and one item has been corrected (Yom Kippur falls on Tues/Weds Sept. 25/26, and the date and day of the week didn’t match on the original schedule — so sorry about that!)

I look forward to seeing y’all and to connecting, chatting, singing, learning, and praying together in weeks to come.

Many blessings,

Reb Rachel


Days of Awe 2012 / entering 5773

Selichot Play: The Gates Are Closing by Merle Feld                      Saturday, September 8, 6pm
Selichot: havdalah and short ritual                                                             Saturday, September 8, 8pm
  potluck dessert reception & conversation to follow

Cemetary Service, Walker Street                                                             Sunday, September 9, 2pm

Rosh Hashanah First Evening service                                              Sunday, September 16, 7:30pm
Rosh Hashanah First Day morning service    (childcare)        Monday, September 17, 9:30am
Tashlich (casting bread upon the waters) to follow
Rosh Hashanah Second Evening service                                          Monday, September 17, 7:30pm
Rosh Hashanah Second Day  morning service                             Tuesday, September 18, 9:30am

Pre-Yom Kippur Mikveh, private home in Williamstown        Tuesday, September 25, 9am

Kol Nidre    (childcare)                                   Tuesday, September 25, 6pm
arrive early to enjoy cellist and pianist, playing melodies to set the mood

Yom Kippur Morning service    (childcare)                Weds., September 26, 9:30am
Yizkor will follow at the end of the morning service
Gentle Yom Kippur Yoga                                3pm
Yom Kippur Mincha service (including the Avodah service)            4pm
Book of Jonah Discussion                                5pm
Yom Kippur Ne’ilah service                                6pm
Yom Kippur Break-The-Fast: after services. Please RSVP!

Sukkot begins at sundown, Sunday September 30. Help us build the CBI sukkah at 2pm!
Sukkot / First Friday Shabbat Potluck                October 5, 5:30pm
(Feel free to reserve our sukkah for your own use anytime during the week.)
Simchat Torah Celebration at the Williams    JRC            Monday, October 8, details TBD


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