Shavuot line-up – to entice you!

Shavuot is coming — this Saturday night — and it’s going to be wonderful! To entice you to join us, here’s our tentative line-up for the evening. (Bear in mind that 45 minutes per shiur/lesson is the maximum; some of us may teach for shorter periods than that, so we may not actually run until 3am. Then again, we might! Depends on how much fun we’re having.)


9:00 p.m.  Brief Maariv & Havdalah (evening service and end-of-Shabbat / beginning-of-Shavuot ritual), led by Cantor Bob Scherr

9:20 noshing

9:30    Rabbi Pam Wax:  Gerut of Ruth, Jethro, and Rahab

10:15  singing & noshing

10:30  Chaim Bronstein: WWRD—What Would Ruth Do?

11:15  more singing, more noshing

11:30  Rabbi Vanessa Boetteger:  Ruth And The Feminine Archetype

12:15  more singing & noshing

12:30  Werner Gundersheimer:  The Jewish Mother and the Daughter-In-Law From Heaven

1:15  singing & noshing

1:30  Rabbi Joshua Boetteger:  Hijacking the Stranger

2:15  Rabbi Rachel Barenblat:  Poems of Ruth

  3:00 Closing Ritual

Please join us for some or all of this wonderful learning with our friends from Williams and from Bennington. There is no obligation to stay for any particular amount of time; come for as long or as short a time as you wish. (And if you can, please bring something on which we can nosh — fruit or dairy; if it’s a processed food, please ensure that its label bears a hechsher so that we maintain the Williams College Jewish Religious Center’s standards of kashrut.)


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