Save a tree: upcoming changes in CBI’s newsletter delivery

Dear Congregation Beth Israel members and friends,

Think, for a moment, about the volume of paper mail you receive — and about the life-giving trees which are harvested and milled into paper in order to generate that mail.

We at CBI would like to take better care of the earth’s resources, including its beautiful trees. We’re exploring options for sharing our newsletter online, instead of in print. The May-June newsletter will still come to your mailbox in print — but we very much hope that the August-September newsletter will be shared digitally.

Our hope is to move this summer to a system in which we upload the newsletter to our website, and then email a link to each of you. You will be able to download the newsletter as a beautifully-formatted PDF file (easily readable on a Mac or a PC) and read it at your leisure. Many congregations have already adopted this policy, and my colleagues praise its convenience as well as its environmental impact.

I know that some of our members don’t have email, and others may strongly prefer to continue receiving paper newsletters. We will still print some paper newsletters, though our hope is to print far fewer of them! If you would prefer to continue to receive the newsletter on paper via US Post, please let Jack know (office at cbiweb dot org). We’ll make a list of those who prefer paper, and will continue to send the paper newsletter to the people on the list. (Those for whom we don’t have email addresses will be on that list by default.)

Otherwise, stay tuned, and we’ll keep you posted as this process unfolds! Our sages compared Torah to a tree (“It is a tree of life to them who hold fast to it”), the human being to a tree (“Man is a tree of the field”) and even God to a tree (the kabbalists use the metaphor of the cosmic tree to understand how God’s nourishment and blessing flows into creation.) Thanks for helping CBI make choices which are good not only for our community but for our trees.


Reb Rachel


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