Come to a wedding! (A guest post from Rabbi Pam Wax)

Come to a wedding!
Who is getting married, you ask?
YOU are!

Shavuot is considered the day on which the Jewish people are joined to Torah and to God. Help us re-enact this covenant by standing under the chuppah on Shavuot morning.

The chuppah will be raised PROMPTLY at 10 AM, at the very beginning of the service, and we will need a minyan for this Torah service, at which the 10 commandments are read. Yizkor will immediately follow the Torah service.

The service will conclude by 11 AM. (There will be no preliminary prayers, since our focus will be the Torah service and then the yizkor memorial service.)

If you can, bring a flower or a houseplant from home to decorate the sanctuary for Shavuot, which is the Holy Day of First Fruits. (You can then bring them home!)

Please RSVP to Jack (office at cbiweb dot org) that you will attend at 10 AM on Sunday morning, May 27, so we can insure a minyan.


2 responses to “Come to a wedding! (A guest post from Rabbi Pam Wax)

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  2. Bonnie Jenson

    We out-of-towners visited for Shavuot last Sunday. We immediately felt welcomed and included in the community. You have a gem there in the Berkshires. Hoping to visit again soon.
    Bonnie Jenson
    Congregation Beth El of the Sudbury River Valley

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