A note from Maggid David Arfa (who will be leading services this Shabbat)

Dear friends at CBI,

I am delighted to be sharing services with you this coming Shabbat, the first day of Pesach.  The Rabbis honor this Shabbat with special songs of Hallel and special Torah readings for Pesach.  Supported by song, story and study we’ll imagine together how the fresh fragrance of freedom may influence our prayers.  The teachings from the Sefat Emet, a great Rabbi from Warsaw whose Pesach teachings on the interconnections of freedom, Torah and story are as fresh today as they were over 100 years ago when he taught them.  We’ll get a small taste during the service and I’m delighted to share another Pesach teaching afterwards if folks would like to stay and study for a few minutes.

All the best during these days of preparation.

I look forward to seeing you this Shabbat.

David Arfa, Maggid (Mah-geed; Storyteller)/ Environmental Educator


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