Celebrate Shabbat (& St. Patrick’s Day) with Reb David & Reb Rachel!

Reb David and Reb Rachel, summer 2011

Dear Congregation Beth Israel community,

This coming Shabbat (March 17), I’ll be co-leading services once again with my dear friend and colleague Reb David Markus, an ALEPH rabbinic student who serves as associate spiritual leader of Temple Beth-El of City Island. We’ll bring harmony, a few new melodies, and plenty of Shabbat joy to our worship together…and also a little bit of joy specific to this date on the Irish calendar, as well!

Our Torah reading on Saturday will feature the very end of the book of Exodus, so one of the new melodies we’ll be sharing is a setting of the words which are traditionally recited when a book of Torah is completed: chazak chazak v’nitchazek, “be strong, be strong, and strengthen each other.”An mp3 of the melody (which I believe was written by Jewish Renewal rabbi David Schneyer) appears below; it’s an easy one to teach and we plan to teach it before the Torah service, but if you want to listen to it in advance, here you go:

Chazak Chazak (To be sung after completing a book of Torah)

Chazak chazak v’nitchazek, v’nitchazek
Chazak chazak v’nitchazek, v’nitchazek. (2x)

Let us be strong, strong, and strengthen each other,
strong, strong, and strengthen each other! (2x)

Chazak [mp3]

Another of the melodies we’re hoping to bring is one which I introduced during Shabbat services a few weeks ago. It’s a setting of “Mah Tovu,” written by my teacher Rabbi Marcia Prager. Here’s downloadable pdf of the sheet music:

Prager Mah Tovu (pdf)

In addition to these, we’re hoping to bring some guitar, some piano, some Torah teaching, and plenty of spirit and heart to our Shabbat morning worship. I hope you’ll be able to join us.

Take care,

Reb Rachel


One response to “Celebrate Shabbat (& St. Patrick’s Day) with Reb David & Reb Rachel!

  1. Looking forward to your omer postings!

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