Don’t miss Purim at CBI – Wednesday, 3/7, 7pm!

From Purim 2011. Photo by Len Radin.

Please join us at CBI on Wednesday, March 7, for a Purimspiel at 7pm.

WITNESS the ceremonial puppet parade into our sanctuary-turned-theatre!

WEAR a costume, a mask, or whatever strikes your fancy!

WATCH the Purim story unfold, via puppetry, before your very eyes!

STAMP your feet and gnash your graggers to drown out the name of Haman!

PRAISE the children (and adults) for their costumes, which will surely be grand!

ENJOY dessert afterwards!

(Costumes are entirely optional — if wearing a costume sounds like fun, to you or to your kids, by all means do so. Feel free to bring cookies, fruit, or other dessert foods to share.)

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