Save the Date: Chevra Kadisha supper on March 1

Dear Congregation Beth Israel members and friends,

I’m writing to invite those who have participated in our Chevra Kadisha — our volunteer burial society — to save the date of March 1 for a 6pm supper in your honor.

It’s customary in many communities to hold a dinner in honor of the members of the chevra kadisha on the 7th of Adar, which this year falls on March 1. If you have ever lent a hand on the chevra kadisha — whether with the task of taharah (preparing someone’s body for burial) or shmira (keeping the deceased company in the funeral home until the funeral) — you are cordially invited to join me at 6pm on March 1 for dinner, companionship, and conversation.

We will have a light supper at CBI (we will order a bunch of vegetarian Thai or Chinese food) and savor having the chance to break bread together and to celebrate the joy we find in performing this service together for our community.

Why the 7th of Adar? That date is Moses’ yahrzeit, the anniversay of his death, and it is traditionally associated with the chevra kadisha for two reasons. When Moses led the Exodus from Egypt, he carefully tended Joseph’s bones and brought them out of Mitzrayim. And in return for that kindness, tradition says that when Moshe died at 120, God Him/Herself served as the chevra kadisha for Moshe, preparing his body for burial with loving care.

When we do this holy work, we walk in divine footsteps. Please come together and enjoy a meal together with your chevra kadisha colleagues.

(Please RSVP to the synagogue office so I know how many people are coming and how much food to order. Thanks!)

And, of course, if you’ve never been a part of the chevra kadisha but would like to join, you are always welcome. Reach out to Darlene and Len Radin and they will welcome you and orient you to this mysterious and beautiful work.


Reb Rachel

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