An opportunity for holiness: driving for “Take and Eat”

Dear friends and members of Congregation Beth Israel,

The commandment most often-repeated in Torah is “love the stranger, for you were strangers in the land of Egypt.” Torah tells us repeatedly to care for the stranger, for the widow, and for the orphan — in other words those who have few resources of their own.

One of the ways in which our community engages in this mitzvah is through Take and Eat. One Sunday in each month, CBI members prepare and package meals for more than a hundred homebound seniors who would otherwise not have a hot meal that day — some of whom might not otherwise have a meal that day at all.

This is holy work. And equally holy is the task of serving as a driver, helping these meals reach their intended recipients.

Several of our Take and Eat drivers have recently stepped down from this work. We are short on drivers.

Please consider offering to serve as a driver for Take and Eat: either on a one-time basis, or periodically (twice a year? four times a year?), or monthly. The seniors who receive these meals are incredibly grateful for them, and often strike up happy conversations with those who deliver the food; this is a chance to bring sustenance both spiritual and material into the lives of those in need.

It’s a mitzvah, in the deepest sense of the word — not only a good deed which makes you feel nice, but also a commandment which connects us with Torah and with the Source of All. If you are willing to step up and take this on, please reach out to Ed Oshinsky who is coordinating the drivers from his winter residence in Maryland. (His contact information is in the synagogue directory; I don’t want to publish it online, but if you need it, drop me an email or give me a call at CBI.)

Thanks, and blessings to all,

Reb Rachel

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