Upcoming adult ed class: Cycles of Teshuvah

Announcing an adult education class which will be taught by Reb Rachel in the new year!


Many of us are familiar with the idea of making teshuvah — repentance; return; turning-toward-God — before Yom Kippur. But Jewish tradition offers rich teachings about the spiritual (one might even say karmic) importance of making teshuvah each night before sleep, each week before Shabbat, and each month before New Moon. This three-session adult education class will explore classical teachings about the cycles of teshuvah and how those teachings can enrich and inform our lives today. You’ll come away with simple and beautiful daily, weekly, and monthly practices to incorporate into your life.

This class is open to all: Jews and non-Jews, members and non-members. (The class is free for CBI members; for non-members there is a $35 registration fee.)


Classes will be held over lunch, after services on three Shabbatot in February and March: February 11, February 25, March 3. (Attendance at services beforehand is optional, though of course it’s always a joy to see you in shul! But please don’t feel that you can’t sign up for the class if you won’t be in shul that morning — you are truly welcome to come just for the lunch-and-learn.) Bring a bag lunch; we’ll eat at the seminar table as we learn.


email office (at) cbiweb.org or call 413-663-5830. (Questions, comments, concerns? You can reach Reb Rachel at rebrachel (at) cbiweb.org or that same phone number above.)

I hope you’ll join us!


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