A New Year’s Note from Reb Rachel

Dear friends and members of CBI,

As the secular year draws to its close, many of us think in terms of new year’s resolutions. For instance, every year I promise myself that I will write more poetry, pray more, sing more, spend more time with my family, exercise more. Maybe some of these resonate with you? Or maybe you have your own perennial list.

As you imagine the year to come, I invite you to think about how CBI can help you in your resolutions. If you ever feel overworked or worn thin by the end of a work-week, maybe attending our Friday morning meditation minyan or our Shabbat morning services would calm and enliven you. If you’re thirsty for intellectual and spiritual stimulation, maybe you would enjoy the Jewish book discussion group led by Chaim Bronstein — or the adult ed class on Cycles of Teshuvah which I’ll be teaching over lunch after three Shabbat morning services this winter.

As 2012 approaches, please think about your spiritual needs, your needs for community and connection, and how CBI can help you to meet those needs. And, of course, if you want to talk with me about any of this, my office door is always open — metaphorically speaking, anyway! Please email me or give me a call and we can set up a time to connect in person in the new year.

And I hope you’ll also consider how you might be able to give back to CBI in return. Signing up with the Shamashim and hosting a kiddush after a Shabbat service, volunteering to wash the synagogue tablecloths from time to time, helping to label and sort mailings of our newsletter, cooking or serving as a driver for our Take and Eat program, working with our webmaster Len Radin to develop a password-protected section of our website — the possibilities are limitless.

Our community depends on an infinity of small tasks done by loving volunteer hands. But there is satisfaction in doing these tasks and in knowing that you’re helping our congregation to thrive. And I believe that there is also an emotional and spiritual benefit to lending a hand. When we give of ourselves, we receive abundance in return.

I want to bless you that your 2012 be filled with family and friends, with community and connection, with gratitude and with joy. Kein yehi ratzon — may this be divine will, and may it come to pass for you in the new year! I look forward to praying with you, playing with you, celebrating with you, and simply being with you in 2012.


Reb Rachel


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