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Song for the Month: Kislev 5772 (December 2011)

The Song for the Month this month is one of my favorites — a setting of “Or Zarua.” We sang this at CBI on Kol Nidre night, as this verse is traditionally sung at the start of Kol Nidre services; for me, it always seems particularly appropriate for this season, since it speaks about the sowing of light and about how God is the source of all light. In these darkening days of Kislev and December, that’s a message I need to hear!

The words are:

אור זרע לצדיק
ולישרי לב שמחה.

כי עמך מקור חיים
באורך נראה אור.

Or zarua la-tzaddik
U’l’yishrei-lev, simcha.

Ki imcha m’kor chayyim (3x)
B’orcha nir’ei or.

(Light is sown for the righteous, and for the upright of heart, joy.
For with You is the source of light; in Your light, we see light.)

The melody — which is really gorgeous — is by Shir Yaakov Feinstein-Feit; you can listen to his recording of it here on bandcamp, or via the embedded player below.

Avodah: Ahavah Rabbah mp3

This coming weekend the Avodah program will meet once again. We’ll be learning a new melody for the Ahavah Rabbah prayer (the blessing which speaks of God’s love for us, which comes after Yotzer Or and before the Shema.)

This melody was written by my teacher Hanna Tiferet, and it is a round. Here’s a recording of me singing the melody (apologies for my slightly hoarse voice — I’m still recovering from the cold I caught from my toddler last week.)


If you want to hear Hanna herself singing the melody (as a round, the way it was intended), you can find it on Amazon, where the single song costs 99 cents: Ahavah Rabbah on Amazon.