Visiting cantorial soloist/rabbinic student David Markus

David Markus and me, at a rabbinic school retreat, summer 2010.

Next Shabbat morning, I’ll be co-leading services with David Markus. David and I were Williams students together once upon a time — we sang together then in the college madrigal ensemble, which we co-founded back in 1993. Later we became companions in rabbinic school. He’s a student in the ALEPH rabbinic program now, and serves now as associate spiritual leader at Temple Beth-El of City Island, New York City. He’s coming to the Berkshires to co-lead Shabbat morning davenen (prayer) with me on Saturday, 11/19.

David and I will be bringing some old harmonies and some new melodies to our Shabbat morning worship. Here are very basic recordings of two of the tunes we plan to use; listen and enjoy.


This melody for Baruch She’Amar (“Blessed is the One Who Speaks”) has two parts; we’ll teach both during services.


This melody for one verse of Psalm 92, the special psalm for the day of Shabbat, is a wonderful one for singing and dancing and playing the percussion instruments we keep in the basket at the sanctuary door!


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