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Thanks, Berkshire Jewish Voice!

Thanks are due to the Berkshire Jewish Voice, and to David Verzi, for this lovely article about Reb Rachel!

Photo by David Verzi.

Rabbi Rachel Barenblat: Light and Heat

By David Verzi

published in The Berkshire Jewish Voice, November 1 to December 1 2011 edition


By time honored custom, tradition and calling, a rabbi is sought to serve as a formal beacon of enlightenment and wisdom, this while much of modernity desires and demands that the illuminating insights of spiritual leaders come packaged within relaxed, comfortable, and comforting pew-side warmth.

These words with music, pedagogy with passion, light with heat combinations are no mean magic for a cleric to perform.

Fact is, it’s no trick at all — it’s a feat melded with a gift.

For while the law, liturgy, and lessons that shed light can, through arduous scholarship, be attained for teaching: the heat, if authentic, must be childlike, filled with wonder, and heart-sprung. Continue reading